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  1. In All Civil Cases, the parties shall request a pre-trial conference prior to the setting of a trial date.
  1. At least two (2) days prior to the pre-trial conference, each party shall furnish the court with a pre-trial memorandum setting forth:
    1. The names of all witnesses who may be called to testify and a brief summary of their testimony.
    2. A list of all exhibits and documents to be introduced.
    3. The plaintiff’s memorandum must contain an itemized list of all damages claimed and dollar amount claimed.
    4. Any party may also add a short statement of the case with appropriate citations to the laws and/or cases relied upon.
    5. Pre-trial memorandum may be mailed to Judge Tess Stromberg, 828 S. Irma Blvd., Bldg. 2,Gonzales, LA or faxed to 644-5704.
  1. The court will set a pre-trial conference to discuss the case with the attorneys involved, set discovery cut-off dates and to set a trial date and a final status conference date. The court will also set the dates to post a jury bond or to pay the jury costs.
  1. The court will also hold a final status conference approximately thirty (30) days before the trial date. At the status conference:
    1. Each party shall bring a final list of witnesses and exhibits to the status conference. No additional witness or exhibit will be allowed after the final status conference without court approval.
    2. Each party will also bring all exhibits which he/she intends to introduce at the trial to the status conference unless the exhibits have been exchanged between the parties prior to the final status conference. Any objections to the exhibits to be introduced at trial shall be made at the final status conference.
    3. At the time of the status conference, all parties shall have someone available either in person or by phone, that has final authority to settle the case.
    4. A continuance of the trial date will not be granted after the status conference except in grave and unavoidable situations.
  1. In bench trials, all experts shall be by deposition and the deposition shall be provided to the court at least two (2) days prior to the bench trial.