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    1. In all civil cases the Court will set a status conference upon motion requesting same.
    2. The Court will set discovery cut-off, pre-trial conference and trial dates at the initial status conference.
    3. All pleadings filed shall be emailed in WORD format to Judge Turner and his law clerk at their respective email addresses.  This includes all pre-trial memos, special jury charges, and verdict form.
    4. Attorney(s) for defendant(s) shall submit their pre-trial inserts to attorney(s) for plaintiff(s) for consolidation at least ten (10) days before date for pre-trial conference. The consolidated pre-trial order shall be circulated among all counsel of record for approval and/or revisions. Attorney(s) for plaintiff(s) shall be responsible for submitting the approved consolidated pre-trial order to the court at least five (5) days before date for pre-trial conference. The consolidated pre-trial order shall contain the following::
      1. A short statement of the case
      2. Issues of law
      3. Issues of fact
      4. Contested issues
      5. Stipulations
      6. List of exhibits
      7. List of witnesses
      8. Estimation of time to try
        NOTE: The parties shall bring all exhibits he/she intends to introduce at the pre-trial conference.
    5. A pre-trial memorandum shall be submitted by all parties to the court at the pre-trial conference, or in the absence of a pre-trial conference, ten (10) days prior to trial.
    6. Subpoenas shall be issued at least thirty (30) days prior to trial.
    7. Special jury charges and verdict form must be submitted thirty (30) days before trial. Prior to trial the court will schedule a day with all counsel of record to discuss jury charges and verdict form.
    8. The Court will not grant a continuance of the trial except in circumstances the court deem meritorious.
    9. The party requesting a jury shall post bond for cost of jury, as billed by the Clerk, forty-five (45) days prior to trial. If the bond is not filed timely, any other party shall have an additional ten (10) days from that date to post the bond.NOTE: It shall be the responsibility of the party requesting the jury to notify the clerk of court, vis a vis, email or fax, at least 30 days prior to trial, of resolution or settlement of the case to avoid losing the amount posted for jury costs.